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ALL PATIENTS WILL NOW BE SEEN IN PERSON BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. On recommendations from state health officials, masks are required of all patients at this time. We encourage all patients to get vaccinations and boosters for COVID-19. ALL PATIENTS should call or email for appointments.




For more on the COVID-19 Virus including who is at risk, what symptoms to look for and when to call for help, use the link above.

For help finding where to go to get the COVID-19 vaccine or to get a COVID-19 test:  Check with your local drugstore, grocery store or use the Tarrant County Health Department link below.

NEW PATIENTS: We are now accepting a limited number of new patients from our waiting list. We are triaging those who need care. Not on our waiting list? Call or email us to register.

CURRENT PATIENTS: Please call or email for an appointment and we will get back to you.

Please help us take care of YOU:

  • Make a list of all your medications & the amount you have on hand.

  • Keep a log of your blood pressure and your blood sugars if appropriate.

  • If you have lab work orders, go to Quest before your scheduled appointment to avoid rescheduling. We need that information to help you.

  • Answer all phone calls, messages left and read all texts. Staff may call you on their private phones which may list as "restricted" or "no number."

  • When you leave a voicemail, please speak slowly and give your name, date of birth and reason for your call.

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